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How Gay Thread To Write Endure Name Calling

In conception, the game already carries or s to a great extent problematic implications of trans people that can't live whole removed without to a great extent neutering the game. But I likewise don't retrieve that makes the pun badness As a whole, and that there are approximately things that put up be done to extenuate the Thomas More problematic aspects. Some of my suggestions would be to edit any of MC's dialogue atomic number 49 the venous blood vessel of "but Ashley is a guy, does that work Pine Tree State gay?" to something that isn't outright implying the gay thread MC thinks being attracted to trans women makes him gay. By trying to wield a "liking trans women isn't gay" message in the Same pun As antiophthalmic factor "it's okay to be gay" shoots itself atomic number 49 the foot because MC literally is homophile! Of course, it's totally possible that MC is bi/pan but this is ne'er addressed, and even if He was, the gage still does little to differentiate trans women from cross stuffing "sissies." Also a nice touch down would live having A trans-man atomic number 3 A guest, As that would also help drive home the target that sexuality ≠ genitalia.

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